For credit unions

With over 14 years experience in communications at SaskCentral, Kim understands credit unions, their members and the environment they operate in. Before starting her business in 2002, Kim managed a team of consultants providing advice, tools and training to credit unions and related organizations. She continues to work with credit unions and co-operative organizations.

Mergers and other issues – The effectiveness of your communication can make or break your business plans.  Kim’s worked with many credit unions to develop and implement communication plans for mergers, branch closures and other sensitive issues.

  • one-on-one consultation
  • comprehensive communication plans
  • crisis communication plans
  • media relations
  • development of communication tools

Corporate reports – Looking for an extra set of hands during annual report season? Someone to handle your report from start to finish? Kim has written, edited or managed  annual, employee and corporate social responsibility reports for organizations like SaskCentral, CUETS, Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation and Crossroads Credit Union.


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